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AeroBase Medical was founded by AeroBase Group to respond to urgent needs for medical supplies presented by COVID-19. Our team quickly saw a better way we could help our customers obtain the medical products they need. In a matter of weeks, we launched AeroBase Medical, an e-commerce platform that streamlines getting available parts to first responders.

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We've Got You Covered.

Start the new year exuding confidence, not germs. Whether your resolutions involve hitting the gym or traveling more, achieve them safely with our assortment of affordable face masks.

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Ambulatory Equipment

Ambulatory Accessories, Ambulatory Equipments, Belts, Immobilizers, Lifters, Rollators, and Walkers.


Cleaning Swabs, Cleaning Wipes, Security Tapes, Hand Sanitizers, Alcohol Prep Pads, Sercurity Tapes, and Wound Preps.


Shoes, Masks, and Gowns.


Cotton Tip Applicators and Silver Nitrate Applicators


Reclosable Bags, ALS, Bag Accessories, BLS, Body Bags, First Responder Bags, Intubation Bags, and Tactical Bags.


Chest Seals, Compression Bandages, Esmark Bandages, Matrix Elastic Bandages, Dressings, Adhesive Bandages, Burn Care Supplies, Hot and Colds, Elastic Bandages, Eye Care, and more.

Body Pressure Relief and Positioning

Elevators, Rolls and Wedges, Chair Pads, Heel / Elbow Protectors, and Pillows.


Cardiovascular Catheters


Surface Disinfectants

Clinical Laboratory

Pipettes, Staining Dishes, Clinical Laboratory Accessories, Specimen Collection and Transport Containers, Chemicals and Solutions, Tubes, Reagents, Clinical Laboratories, Calibrators, Lab Caps and Closures, and more.


Gutta Percha Points


Diabetes Care Products and Diabetes Testings

Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies

Blood Pressure Cuffs, Stress Testings, Diagnostic Instrument Lamps, Lancets and Lancing Devices, Diagnostic Accessories, Diagnostic Recording Papers, Blades and Heads, Ultrasound Probes, Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies, Coagulation Meter Test Strips, and more.

Drainage and Suction

Drainage Systems, Drain Tubes, Suction Instruments, Drainage and Suction Accessories, Connector Tubings, Suction Catheter Kits and Trays, and Suction and Aspiration Systems.


Enteral Feeding Supplies

Equipment and Instruments

Conductivity Meters, Equipment Maintenance, TENS Accessories, Headlamps, Hyperthermia Blankets, Backboards and Supplies, Blood Pressure, Collars, Cots, Defibrillators and Supplies, and more.


Casework and Medical Cabinets, Privacies, and Furnishings Accessories.


Cotton Pads, Cotton Rolls, Gauze Pads, Gauze Rolls, Gauze Rolls, and Guaze Pads.


Glove Dispensers, Gloves, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Sugical Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Vinyl Gloces, and Vinyl Gloves.

I.V. Therapy

Central Venous Catheter Kits, Extension Sets, I.V. Poles, I.V. Therapy Accessories, Infusion Bags, Infusion Ports, Infusion Sets, and Prep Pads.




Briefs and Diapers, Fecal Collection Devices, Incontinence Accessories, Liners, Pads & Liners, Pants, Undergarments, Underpads, and Wet Wipes.


Cleaning Room Supplies and Sharps Containers


Bits, Burs, Clamps, Cleaning Brushes, Cutters, Cutting Blades, Dilators, Drills, Electrode Tips, Elevators, and more.


Catheterization Kits, Cervical Kits, CPR Kits, Eyewash Kits, First Aid Cases, First Responder Kits, Group First Aid Kits, Individual First Aid Kits, IVs, Mini First Aid Kits, and more.

Lab and Phlebotomy

Blood Collection Tubes, Spill Controls, Infusions, Syringe with Needles, Supplies, Testings, Needles, IVs, Irrigations, Prep Supplies, and more.


Lubricants, Surgical Lubricants, and Ultrasound Lubricants.


Surgical Masks


Face Masks, Oxygen Masks, and Resuscitations.

Miscellaneous DME

Ambulatory Aids, Bathroom Safety Aids, Hospital Beds & Accessories, Miscellaneous DME Supplies, and Wheelchairs.

Miscellaneous Non-DME

Non-DME Accessories

Needles and Syringes

Bulb Syringes, Pen Needles, Port Access Infusion Needles, Receptacles, and Syringes with Needles.

Nutritionals and Feeding Supplies

Bottles and Liners, Dietaries, Feeding Supplies, Gastrostomy Tubes, Infants, Metabolics, Nasogastric Tubes, Nursing Pads and Shields, Nutritionals Accessories, Nutritionals and Feeding Supplies, and more.

Office Supplies

Office and Mailing Envelopes, Stickers and Coloring Books, Binders and Chart Holders, Nurse's Station Accessories, Dividers and Tabs, Printers, Writing Instruments, Safety Pins, Copy and Printer Papers, Rulers, and more.


Ankle, Foot and Toes, Arms, Cast and Splint Bandages and Tapes, Cast Paddings, Cast Protectors, Clavicle and Shoulders, Elbows, General Purpose Splintings, Hips, Hook and Loop Strappings, and more.


Pouches, Ostomy Accessories, and Pouching Systems.


Personal Care

Over the Counter

Nutrition, Preparations, Emergency Treatments, Antacids, Allergies, Potassiums, Skin Care, Underpads, Gravity Bag Sets, Nutritionals Accessories, and more.


Nebulizers, Nasal Cannulas, Cylinders and Supplies, Respiratory Masks, Tubings, Respiratory Accessories, Endotracheal Tubes, CO2 Absorbents, Tracheostomy Tubes, Respiratories, and more.

Personal Hygiene

After Shaves, Astringents and Acne Medications, Basins, Bath Mats, Bathing Tubs, Bedspreads, Blankets, Cleaners, Combs, Denture Brushes, and more.

Physical Therapy

Assessment Tools, Body Pressure Relief Accessories, Chair Pads, Chiropractic Measurements, Colds, Cushion Covers, DVT Sleeves, Electrotherapy Electrodes, Elevators, Rolls and Wedges, Exercise Balls, and more.


Nasal Cannulas, Respiratory Accessories, Tubings, Nebulizers, Resuscitators, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Asthmas, Oxygen Supplies, Tracheostomies, and Ventilator Care Supplies.

Respiratory Therapy

Nebulizer Kits, Nebulizer Masks, Suction Supplies, and Respiratory Supplies.


Guedel Airwaies


Air Release Systems and CPR Supplies


Amputee Covers, Apparels, Apparel Accessories, Aprons, Arm and Leg Protections, Athletic Supporters, Bibs, Bras, Capes and Ponchos, Chest Wraps and Vests, and more.

Self Care

Braces, Garments, and Self Care Products.


Autoclaves and Sterilizers and Sterilization Accessories


Aspirating Kits, Bags and Meter Bags, Bags and Meter Bags, Barriers, Baseplates, Bedpans, Cameras, Catheter and Bag Kits and Trays, Catheter and Bag Kits and Trays.s, Chest Tube Trays, and more.


Clear Tapes, Non-Waterproof Tapes, Surgical Tapes, Surgical Tapes, and Waterproof Tapes.


Sheets and Paper Towels


Disposable Thermometers, Oral Digital Thermometers, Thermometer Covers, Forehead and Ear Thermometers, and Infrared Thermometers.


Education and Reference Materials, Educational and Anatomical Charts, Guides, Mannequins and Models, Training and Education Accessories, Training Equipment and Kits, and Training Medications.

Training Equipment

AEDs, CPR Manikins, Casualty Simulators, Manikins, and ALS.


Bedpans, Indwellings, Intermittents, Catheter and Bag Kits and Trays, Catheters, and Drainage Bags.


Drinking Utensils, Procedure Basins, and Utensils Accessories.

Waste Disposal

Biohazard Bags, Biohazard Disposals, Biohazard Disposals, Cleanup Supplies, and Underpads.

Wound Care

Unna Boots, Liquid Bandages, Adhesive Removers, Non-Adherent Dressings, Silver Dressings, Compression Bandages, Gauze Dressings, Surgical Sponges, Adhesive Bandages, Tapes and Fasteners, and more.

Wound Closure

Meshes, Staple Loading Units, Suture Needles, and Clips.

Face masks laid on red background


limited quantities
Face Mask
NSN: 6515-01-392-9834 MFR #: 1048072

Quantity 50 pair per box. FDA Approved face mask, breathable, disposable, earloops, 3 layer (non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, non-woven material)

29.95 USD
Per Box view item
Face Mask
NSN: 6515-01-392-9834 MFR #: 204747-MASK

Quantity 50 per box. FDA Approved face mask, breathable, disposable, earloops, 3 layer (non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, non-woven material)

59.95 USD
Per Box view item
Surgical Mask
NSN: 6515-00-982-7493 MFR #: 6515009827493

Quantity 50 masks per box.

59.95 USD
Per Box view item
NSN: 6515-01-537-1531 MFR #: 6515015371531

Quantity 1 each. Certified to the NIOSH N95 standard for disposable particulate respirators. Secure, comfortable fit with adjustable nose bridge. Minimal breathing resistance. Reduced packaging volume for easy storage.

RFQ view item
AeroBase Face Mask

AeroBase Group branded reusable face mask with adjustable ear loops. Individually packaged. With one replaceable 5 layer filter.

3.95 USD
Per Each view item
Face Mask
MFR #: GB2626-2006-MASK

Filter performance 95%, 5 layer, FFP2, non-woven material KN95. Sold in multiples of 10 each.

2.95 USD
Per Each view item

Recently Updated

Newly added and updated products in our catalog.

Silk Tape

6510009268883 - Quantity 1 roll. 2" x 10 yard silk tape.

Surgical Tape

NON260102 - Quantity 1 each. Size: 2" X 360", non-sterile, surgical tape

Surgical Tape

1538-2 - Quantity 6 rolls per box. 2 inch X 10 Yards, white surgical tape


S66-0006 - HANDLE, ASPIRATOR S130A SCTN PUMP, Allied Healthcare

Tongue Depressor

6515-00-753-4533 - Tongue Depressor, 6" X 3/4" Non-Sterile, 500/Box

Elastic Bandage

98-0655 - Quantity 1 each. 4" size, sterile, non adherent pad, designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to p [...]

Cotton Tip Applicator

6515-00-059-5235 - Quantity 1000 per pack. Sterilizable. Suitable for medical and dental procedures, Applicators with absorbent cotton tip on wooden rod

Individual First Aid Kit

071503601001 - Kit includes: (2) face masks with eye shield, (2) CPR filter shields with one-way valve, (4) pair latex gloves, Large, (4) Antiseptic with BZK wipes, [...]