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CAH35LF Bandage Wrap
2.95 USD

Size 3" X 5" Yard, self adherent bandage wrap, per roll

6515NCM040893 Adhesive Bandage
39.95 USD

Quantity 18 per box. 3" wide, FDA approved, black color, elastic cotton, Adheres to itself so no clips or fasteners are needed. Easy to cut or tear to required size.

6510NCM060533 Abdominal Bandage
23.95 USD

Quantity 1 each. 12" X 12" size, easy application, non adherent pad to effectively staunch mild to moderate hemorrhage in combat casualties. pn 30-0012

CAH25LF Bandage Wrap
1.95 USD

Size 2" X 5 Yard, self adherent bandage wrap

CAH15LF Bandage Wrap
1.25 USD

Size 1" X 5 Yard, self adherent bandage wrap

6510NCM051200 Chest Seal
19.95 USD

Quantity 1 each. 6" X 6" size, adhesive gel, for penetrating chest injuries.

HHWSK02 Chest Seal Dressing
23.95 USD

Quantity 1 each. 6" X 8" size, hydrogel adhesive, seal and sponge are vacuum sealed.

300029 Elastic Bandage
1.50 USD

Length: 3", Includes 2 metal clips Measures 5 yards when stretched

MILB36998 Elastic Bandage
11.95 USD

Quantity of 1 each. 3" X 5 yards size, with ez clips.