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1216-20 Water-Jel Face Burn Dressing
42.95 USD

12" X 16" Water Jel burn dressings help relieve cool burns and relieve pain. The ready-to-use dressings stabilize the damaged area, protect from contamination. Unique dressing specifically designed for the face. Large enough to protect the entire face, ears, neck and part of the head.12

6510009355822 Elastic Bandage
24.95 USD

Quantity 10 per box. 4" x 5 yard indiviually wrapped elastic bandage with self-closure.

MDS087004LFZ Matrix Elastic Bandage
24.95 USD

Quantity of 10 per box. 4" X 5 yards size. Velcro closure no need to keep track of bandage clips, polyester/cotton weave provides excellent elasticity and recover-ability

6515NCM040893 Adhesive Bandage
39.95 USD

Quantity 18 per box. 3" wide, FDA approved, black color, elastic cotton, Adheres to itself so no clips or fasteners are needed. Easy to cut or tear to required size.

5072 Koolaburn Sterile Fire Blanket 50" X 72"
259.98 USD

Koolaburn Sterile Fire Blankets are made from a 96

CAH35LF Bandage Wrap
2.95 USD

Size 3" X 5" Yard, self adherent bandage wrap, per roll

6510NCM060533 Abdominal Bandage
23.95 USD

Quantity 1 each. 12" X 12" size, easy application, non adherent pad to effectively staunch mild to moderate hemorrhage in combat casualties. pn 30-0012

CAH25LF Bandage Wrap
1.95 USD

Size 2" X 5 Yard, self adherent bandage wrap

CAH15LF Bandage Wrap
1.25 USD

Size 1" X 5 Yard, self adherent bandage wrap