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010563-SH Quick Fix Cric Kit
85.00 USD

Rapid Airway Introducer for Surgical Cricothyrotomy. No fiddling with unfamiliar wires or dilators in the emergency setting. Use a familiar scalpel forceps, and short tracheal tube to rapidly perform a simple, life-saving cricothyrotomy in seconds, at a price everyone can live with adult size

KVLKIT3 King Vision Video Laryngoscope Kit
4295.00 USD

Video Laryngoscope Set Macintosh Blade

001266 Pediatric Nebulizer Masks
5.95 USD

Friendly Dragon Design for Kids, Adjustable Head Strap, Elongated Style, KidsMed Pediatric Nic the Dragon Aerosol Mask

000 172 002 Esophageal Intubation Detector
14.95 USD

The Ambu Tubechek rapidly and reliably confirms correct endotracheal tube placement by utilizing the anatomical differences between the trachea and the esophagus.Simple to use Instant feedback No expiration date - long term shelf life Individually packaged

6515NCM990223 Heat and Moisture Exchanger Vent
179.95 USD

Quantity 20 per case. Single use 2-part Humid-vent with transparent housing. Recommended for tidal volumes between 150-1500 ml.

002433 Nebulizer Kit
9.95 USD

Disposable Nebulizer with Adult Mask and 7 Foot Tubing, Misty Max 10, Constructed of high impact plastic to resist breakage, Anti-spill design helps prevent medication waste