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L-CU60-902 Fan
139.95 USD

INCUBATOR L-CU60, United Products & Instruments

989805607751 Patch
249.95 USD

Needle Holder Multi-Sample, Universal Fit For 13 / 16 mm Blood Collection Tubes

P1055 Lens Paper
42.95 USD

Quantity 50 sheets per pack. Contains 12 packs per case, 4 in x 6 in lens paper.

ENS115 Syringe
64.50 USD

Enteral Feeding / Irrigation Syringe 60 mL Individual Pack Enfit Tip Without Safety 50 pack

6754008 Stainer
414.20 USD

Slide Clip Pink For Thermo Scientific™ Linistat™ Linear Stainer

10311047 Electrode Fill Solution
89.95 USD

Siemens Healthineers Electrode Fill Solution, 3 x 3 ml, pack of 3, For in vitro diagnostic use on RAPIDLab™ 348/348EX analyzers.

MS433 Extension Set
83.95 USD

Extension Set 7 Inch Tubing Without Ports 1.3 mL Priming Volume DEHP-Free

03-0807 Lead Sensor Pack
295.95 USD

Quantity 10 tests per pack. To be use with the HSA1000 Analyzer. Pack includes 1 each of HSE-Pb electrode, preparations tablets, sample tubes and crushing rods. CONTAINS MERCURY

151652.66 USD

Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer AIA-900 Model 500 to 1500 Tests/Month