IV Start Kit

by Invacare


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Quantity 1 kit. IV Start Kit with Chloraprep Sepp .67ML, 2 gloves, 1 tourniquet, 1 roll medical tape, 1 ChloraPrep Insert, 2 Gauze 2X2, 1 Transparent Dressing, and 1 Patient Label

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  • IK99185LFC
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6515NCM104683 IV Starter Kit
NSN: 6515-01-587-5717 MFR #: 6515NCM104683

Quantity 1 each. Saline Lock IV starter kit. Sterile kit contains: (2) Alcohol prep pads, (1) Interlink needle injection site, (2) IV catheter 18g x 1.25", (1) Latex-free tourniquet, (1) Needle 18g x 1.5", (1) PosiFlush 5cc, (1) Tagaderm IV dressing, (1)

6510015641158 IV Start Kits
NSN: 6510-01-564-1158 MFR #: 6510015641158

iv start kits quantity 100 kits per case. iv start kit with tegaderm securement dressing and chloraprep. this kit helps to reduce the risk of contamination with fewer packages to open.

071503601001 Individual First Aid Kit
NSN: 6545-00-656-1092 MFR #: 071503601001

Kit includes: (2) face masks with eye shield, (2) CPR filter shields with one-way valve, (4) pair latex gloves, Large, (4) Antiseptic with BZK wipes, (2) Bio-hazard waste bags. 6" width x 2" depth x 9" length red canvas zippered carrying case

7360-00-139-1063 Wash Kit
NSN: 7360-00-139-1063 MFR #: 7360-00-139-1063

All components are located inside wash basin, enclosed in a clear 3mil plastic bag. Twist tied for closure. Wash kit includes: (1) 6 qt round plastic wash basin, (1) Plastic soap holder, (1) 2-1/2 oz. bar of soap, (2) Disposable bath towels size 20" x 40"

738743210089-CPR-KIT CPR Kit
MFR #: 738743210089-CPR-KIT

Personal use when administering emergency CPR procedures, comes with mask, gloves and wipes for additional security.